Adria WSK Final – Alfie Slater

A very positive start to Alfie Slaters new racing journey in the mini 60 class at the WSK Open cup.

Round 1

TQ – P4 in group P8 overall

Heat 1 – Started P3 Finished P11
Heat 2 – Started P3 Finished P22💥
Heat 3 – Started P4 Finished P9
Heat 4 – Started P4 Finished P7

PreFinal – Started P14 Finished P9

Final – Started P18 Finished P26💥

Round 2

TQ – P10 in group P19 overall

Heat 1 – Started P8 Finished P12
Heat 2 – Started P8 Finished P9
Heat 3 – Started P7 Finished P8
Heat 4 – Started P8 Finished P6

PreFinal – Started P10 finished P14

Final – Started P28 Finished P19

Overall a very strong race in his first WSK event in the mini 60 class making both finals out of the 66 competitors. Unfortunately in the first final having a small incident on the opening lap caused Alfie to drop places. But the 2nd final making great progress through to the mid pack.

Alfie is now looking into the new season of 2021 in the mini 60 class and looking to make some big progress and good hopefully some race wins and podiums.

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