Little Green Man @ Larkhall – Alfie Slater

After a short break in-between racing, Alfie’s return would be the 3rd round of the Little Green Man championship at the new and improved Larkhall kart circuit.

In the lead up to the race, Friday and Saturday’s performances were positive, showcasing his progress over the last couple months.

Due to the high level of drivers in the LGM championship, Alfie took part of 3 out of 6 qualifying heats.
In the first heat, Alfie lined up on the grid in 10th position. Hoping for a solid finish following on from his successful testing heats, as the lights changed to green, a sudden downpour of rain hit the track. Alife made good progress and was battling the difficult conditions for as long as he could until he unfortunately hit a kerb through a flat-out corner causing him to spin out and hit the barriers. The race resulted in it being boycotted due to the persistent rain.

The next and second heat was Alfie’s next chance to focus. Starting in 7th position and climbing his way up to 3rd, an unfortunate crash caused Alfie to finish at the back.

Approaching his 3rd heat, Alfie knew that he was slightly on the back foot, so he set his mind and was determined to try and get the best position for the B final. The hard work paid off as Alfie showcased his great overtaking skills and finished 14th making 10 places.

Due to the first two results not being as hoped, Alfie was 19th in the final and knew I was a big ask to get into the top 4 which would then see him in the A final. A strong start saw him making places in the first lap, skilfully cutting his way through the field and showing serious skill overtaking the other drivers. He managed to get into the top 10 and made an eager move on another driver which cost a little time but finished overall in 8th place.

The overall weekend result did not justify the hard work and speed of race craft that Alfie had, it clearly showcased his improving skill level and progress getting closer to the front running pace.

Alfie’s next outing is due to take place at The Three Sisters Race Track in Wigan where Alfie’s ever-growing progress and hard work will hopefully pay off.

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