PFI Club Race – Alfie Slater

After swapping a steering wheel for some poles Alfie returned from a skiing holiday ready hit the 3rd round of the TVKC winter series at PF International.
Friday practice had great promise as the day started wet Alfie quickly got into the rhythm of being in a kart again. As the day went on the track conditions improved and Alf showed impressive pace being as close as he’s ever been to the front runners.

Saturday was crunch time with only 4 sessions before qualifying and after a disappointing session last moth Alfie wanted to make an impression. As qualifying was only a 6 minute session everyone stacked up at the front of the grid hoping to get an extra lap. The first lap of the session Alfie was establishing where everyone was pace wise and where he could fit in, as Alfie was looking to have a good last 2 laps a competitor who had span entered the track just in front of Alf and messed his lap up. As the last lap came around Alfie then had to overtake the competitor causing him to loose a few tenths which then meant he didn’t actually get a good flying lap resulting in him qualifying in a disappointing 24th position.

The heats proved difficult for Alfie as there was always changing conditions to compete against. The first heat on Sunday Alfie was on the grid ready for a dry race but a sudden down pour of rain came and changed everything. Once the manic rush of changing kart setups, suits and helmets we was ready to start the race he was on grid 21 for the start. With the heats being put into groups Alfie seemed faster then the people around him but in the wet conditions struggled to overtake them. He got caught in a pack of 5 all racing against each other and eventually going a few places and finishing 18th.
The second heat was a lot better as Alfie showed better pace and overtaking skills starting again in 21st but gaining 6 places and finishing 15th.

The results was calculated and Alfie ended up starting pole for the B final. A nervous Alfie sat on the front row for the first time ever In a final, he had a great start leading the way until the first hairpin where a brave competitor took a lunge on Alf causing him to drop down to third on the last lap. As only the top 4 go through to the A final it was a hard fight to keep in the top 4. As Alfie was just getting into his rhythm and attacking more another competitor made a mess of an overtake causing them both to lose time to the front runners. After that incident Alfie was in a 4 kart battle each of them desperately trying to get through to the A final being that only the top 4 make it. Unfortunately through the battle Alfie ended up crossing the line in 6th place therefore not making the A final.

A disappointing result from a long weekend after showing great pace on the Friday that being said it has lit a fire within Alfie to come back strong at his next competitive race which will be Shenington club race.