Valencia X30 Winter Cup – Alfie Slater

Coming off a cold disappointing PFI club race Alfie’s next venture would see him in his very first European event for the IAME winter cup at the Lucas Guerrero international circuit of Valencia.

Alfie was excited and a bit nervous for the first practice Thursday morning as it was a new track and a new kart to drive all at once but that soon all went when he started his kart and began learning the new track and the feeling of a new kart. Thursdays practice was good learning day for everyone as Alfie was making progress every session and enjoying more power and also more grip compared to his UK kart.

Fridays practice and qualifying was promising as Alfie showed potential of being in the top 15 of 34 and being the least experienced on the grid. As Alfie was getting better with each practice session qualifying seemed hopeful of a top 15 result. Everyone was gearing up for qualifying and nerves were raising, as everyone left the pits Alfie was in a good position to have a chase good slipstream down the long straights. After everyone had done a couple laps on the new tyre people started swap positions on track to get the best chase and slipstream, unfortunately Alfie’s lack of experience meant he didn’t change position and carried on at the front on his own with no chase and no slipstream which resulted in him qualifying in a disappointing 30th position.

The heats were up and down with some solid results and a disappointing one. The first heat was the disappointing one as Alfie make a good start before a competitor went off track and as re-joining collected Alfie and crashed which knocked him to the back with a lot of time lost and finishing 31st. The second and third heat were a lot better as Alfie made progress in both starting 30th and with penalties of other drivers made Alfie finish 23rd and 24th.

The final came around and Alfie was on his lucky 27 grid spot, with nerves all raising he had a bad start by getting caught on the outside and getting run wide causing him to drop down to 31st. He then went on to racing the best he had all weekend battling hard and making some great overtaking moves. As the last few laps were coming Alfie see himself in a pack of five battling hard and making his way to the front of that pack showing the great potential we have seen before and even overtaking the last kart of that pack on the last corner of the last lap crossing the line in 23rd position.

Alfie made great progress in his first European race once again showing great progress and making steps forward with every race he does. With the strong result and showing progress the IAME euro series could be a championship that Alfie could content in.