Wackersdorf X30 Euro – Alfie Slater

Following on from a positive weekends testing at the Wackersdorf Circuit, Alfie was now ready for the third round of the X30 Euro Series Championship.

Throughout testing, Alfie’s pace was good and he was getting to grips with the track well. Alfieā€™s driving was continuing to improve, with a few sessions being well within the top ten pace. Qualifying is always one of the most important sessions of the weekend as it sets the grid for all 3 heats, so a crucial lap time is what everyone strives for. With it only being 6 minutes Alfie went out straight away and tried getting the best time early without getting caught in traffic. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case as all the other drivers had a similar plan. He had to fight through some traffic and he actually set his fastest time overtaking, but after that didn’t have a chase or a tow which lost him tenths. This would have put him in the top 10, however Alfie managed to finish 14th out of 31 which was still a big step forward from the last qualifier in Italy.

The heats where challenging for Alfie, as starting 14th is a middle position meaning a driver is more vulnerable to get caught in a crash. That being said, the first heat Alfie didn’t crash but also didn’t get the best starts dropping to 16th but then a crash caused double yellows to come out for 3 laps meaning there was no overtaking. Once the green flag was out, there was only 2 laps left and Alfie made up couple of places but then got a 5 second penalty for his nose cone being dropped. The second heat Alfie had a good start making it up to 8th position, but just not racing the best he could he, dropped down to 13th after a mistake. The 3rd heat was very similar, Alfie again getting a great start making it into 7th position, but then through not racing the best and not having the experience of some others, he dropped down to 12th position but still happy that he was in the top 15.

After the heats were calculated, Alfie was starting 14th and with a 5 second penalty. After having great starts in the heats, fourth time lucky wasn’t the case. He was caught in a crash and caused the double yellows to come out, he fortunately able to carry on but was down in 26th position and under double yellows which again is no overtaking which lasted 4 laps. Meaning with only 5 laps left, Alfie had to drive his complete best to not start at the back for the main final. Alfie seemed to have the determination to go forward as he was showing great skill overtaking and amazingly made his way up to 15th in just 5 laps.

From the fantastic drive in the pre final, all were confident that Alfie was going to have a good final. Alfie was starting in 13th position for the main final. Alfie got caught on the outside at the start and dropped down to 16th and had to battle hard to make his way through. As he picked a few places he was now in a train battle from 8th to 14th . Alfie was going back and forth racing hard and made it to 12th position but with a little gap in front of him with a bit of help from another competitor, they pushed to close the gap to 10th place and the battle started again.

With Alfie pushing for a top 10 finish the competition was harder then what he is used to racing but held his own very well. With only 2 laps to go Alfie was in 11th and defending to keep his spot. With other drivers battling in front he actually gained a place on the last corner finishing in 10th position being the first top 10 finish Alfie has had in Europe.

An amazing weekend for the young rookie showing exactly what he can achieve and how much he has improved in the last few months, the next stop is round 5 & 6 of the SKUSA championships held in Newcastle, Indianapolis where Alfie can hopefully have another strong weekend after his last trip he had his first podium.