Wigan Club Race – Alfie Slater

Following on from Little Green Man at Larkhall, Alfie’s next race would be round five of the summer club championship at Wigan’s The Three Sisters Track.

Alfie’s performance in the testing round was positive, showing promise. Considering this was only his second time visiting the track, he was within half a second of the fastest times.

As this was a club meeting, meaning no qualifiers just a mixed grid of heats. For the first heat, Alfie was in 4th position. This was his worst of the three however he didn’t let this impact his performance. He made his way up to 18th place within two laps, however unfortunately another competitor hit him from behind, resulting in him moving back down to 26th position.

The second heat came around and here Alfie was starting out at 4th position and was confident and focused on achieving a strong result. As the green flag was passed, Alfie was stuck on the outside struggling to get in and so dropped a few places. Alfie carried on battling his way through and showed great pace overtaking and finished 10th which was a good achievement.

The third and final heat saw Alfie on grid 9 and was hoping to have another top 10. Starting out on the inside he was hoping to stay there and gain some positions. With a surprise move Alfie moved to the outside and managed to gain positions and moved up to 7th. After a battle with the front pack, finishing 9th overall was a great result.

After being focused in the three heats, Alfie was ready for the final. Aiming for a top 10 finish, a strong start was shown with a fight to ensure he was in the top 10. Alfie managed to secure a place in the top ten however leaving a gap in front of him. This left him open for the long straight which some managed to take advantage of. He managed to hold the place in the top 10 until the last 3 laps, dropping down a few places to finish 13th out of 31.

Overall, a solid performance for the 9 year old, showcasing his ever growing speed and skill set. Constant improvement is being shown by Alfie and his hard work now takes him to compete for the first time at Rowrah, in the O plate race.