Wigan LGM – Alfie Slater

Fresh from Alfieā€™s best performance in Salbris, he was now back to the UK racing in the last round of the LGM championship.

As expected, practice was tough as Alfie hadn’t been out in the UK for a while and with only six sessions to become race ready, Alfie had a tough day ahead.
After testing was over, it was apparent that race day was going to be wet, but no one could of expected the conditions that were to follow.
After a fierce storm the track was flooded and so postponed the race, meaning due to the delay, this resulted in only 3 heats instead of the scheduled 4. Overall, each driver only participating in 2. With the LGM championship running mixed grid heats, Alfie had his first heat starting in fourth position meaning in the second, he would start at the back.

As the heat approached, Alfie was lined up on fourth on the grid ready to go. The tricky damp conditions did not faze Alfie. With changes up until the last minute, drivers were trying to decide between wet tyres and slicks, Alfie decided wets for the race.

The green flag dropped, and to Alfie’s disappointment his kart failed to start straight away. After a few attempts he eventually got going but at the back of the grid. He tried to make his way through on the rolling up lap, but didn’t manage to get any places and unfortunately started 27th.

The race started and Alfie was in the thick of the back pack and desperately trying to make his places up. Alfie lacked pace through kart set up as the slicks seemed faster than wets but still managed to race his way back to 19th position which was an achievement in itself considering his initial position.

The second heat proved challenging with mixed weather condition, the track was fully wet. Alfie had the challenge of being in full wet conditions for the first time in a long while in the UK spec kart. He was starting 27th on the grid and was ready to go, he had a good start making up places and fought his way through the pack, battling with team mates on the way.
He successfully made his way up to 20th position and had a big gap in front, but working with another competitor they managed to close the gap on the last lap and just got a couple more places finishing in 18th. Then came the worrying wait to see if he was in the dreaded B final or straight into the A. Fortunately, he was straight in the A starting in his lucky number 27th.

With the final coming up, the track was changing once again and was beginning to dry as it did in the first heat. This called for more last minute tyre decisions, as this was proving crucial to the race. With seconds to go, tyre pressures were still being adjusted before the drivers left the grid.

Alfie had an amazing start, gaining 7 places in one lap up to 20th. Alfie was pushing himself and giving it his all. With the kart set up being right for the conditions, Alfie was fast approaching the next drivers. He was driving very well managing to get to the front of his pack, but then had a big gap in front to try and close.

With the closing laps approaching, Alfie focused and set his sights on pushing through. He was at the front of a 5 kart pack, but just managed to pull a slight gap to keep the other drivers behind, but not being able to catch up to the pack in front. That being said, an amazing drive from young Alfie and he crossed the line in 16th position gaining 11 places through the race.

Overall, a weekend full of challenges for Alfie but ending strongly. Alfie was now ready for his next race, which will be the IAME international open at Le Mans. Participating in a class he has not raced in before. After gaining more experience and showing consistent progress, Alfie is more than ready for this next challenge.